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Throwback Thursday: Warheads
Published on August 30, 2012

Before poppin’ your Warheads cherry, did you think to yourself, how sour could these possibly be? Then you pop one in your mouth and make that infamous Warheads face where it looks like your tongue just tasted a Vagina infected with Blue Waffles (I advise you not to google image that). No matter how sour Warheads were, they were addicting. You wouldn’t stop eating it until you incinerated the taste buds off your tongue. Now, have you noticed those new Warhead candies at your local market or ice cream truck? I’m talking about the Warheads Double Drops, Super Sprays, Mini Size, & Chewy Cubes. Too bad none of these come to par with the original assorted flavor hard candies. The Chewy Cubes are an exception because they taste like crack when you have the case of the Munchies.

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